Simple solutions for a complex world

Best of Breed

Many Service Providers offer a large portfolio of products and services to customers. Although it may sound enticing to have a single sourced Provider, often times these products and services are not a core strength of the Service Provider and can leave customers disappointed. Net7 Solutions partners with multiple top-tier as well as lessor known "boutique" Service Providers which allows us to take a "best of breed" approach for our customers' needs...

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Customer focused

Net7 Solutions is fanatical when it comes to customer service as we feel it is the back-bone of our business. We act as an extension of your IT Team and handle issues from billing and trouble ticket escalation to technical troubleshooting so that your team can focus on core business objectives. We also keep you informed of the latest technologies and price points of services which saves you time and resources of keeping abreast of technologies...

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Net7 Solutions was founded on the notion that the customer service model used by many large IT/Telecommunications Providers is broken. These companies must contend with reduced staffing, high employee turnover and have resorted to outsourced overseas support. All of these factors leave customers dealing with inexperienced levels of support. Let Net7 Solutions fill that void! With over 30 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT...

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Let Net7 Solutions simplify today's technology landscape.

We will be your consultants but more importantly, your advocate. Since our business is completely based on customer retention, you are our top priority. By maintaining a large portfolio of vendors, Net7 Solutions uses a best of breed approach to technology as opposed to a finite number of options available from individual service providers. With proven success working with clients from the fortune 500 to local family owned businesses, we can help companies of all sizes create operational efficiencies while staying within budgets.